ADT Tinley Park, Illinois

Take the Time to Think About Your Home’s Security

Tinley Park is one of the fastest growing suburbs south of Chicago in Illinois. In 2009, it was selected as the best place to raise a family in America, as many of the 56,000 residents already know. However, even in a town like this, there is crime. Residents are going to want to learn more about what they can do to protect their home and their family from property crimes to help ensure they don’t become the next victim. There is a variety of ways to do this.

The Crime Levels in the City

Tinley Park has a crime index of 58, which means it’s safer than 58% of cities in the United States. Within the city, there is more crime toward the center of the city and the western and eastern sections have lower levels of crime. In Illinois, a person has a one in 50 chance of being the victim of a property crime, but in the city, they only have a one in 84 chance. This means the city is relatively safe to live in, but that doesn’t mean the residents should ignore the crime that does occur.

Biggest Type of Property Crime in the Area

In this area, the biggest risk a person has for becoming the victim of a property crime is through theft. Although burglaries and motor vehicle thefts do occur, theft, in general, makes up the majority of property crimes in the area. This type of crime could include unattended purses being stolen at the grocery store, bikes being stolen out of the front yard, and a number of other similar crimes. The person will want to ensure they know what they can do to protect their belongings to avoid any thefts.

How to Protect the Home and Belongings from Theft

One of the best ways to protect the home is to purchase a security system, but that doesn’t always stop a theft from occurring. In fact, the person often needs to get close to the home to notice a security system, something they might not do if they’re grabbing a bike or other belonging from the front yard. When there is no one in the yard watching, any belongings like bikes or electronics should be brought into the home, moved to the garage, or otherwise secured. Tinley Park residents will also want to ensure they do not leave any valuables inside motor vehicles at night as these items can easily be stolen even if the doors are locked.

Work Together to Make a Safer Community

Residents will want to not only work to protect their home but to protect the community. They can work with their neighbors to create a neighborhood watch program or participate in an existing one to make the entire neighborhood safer. Neighborhood watch programs, with the assistance of the local police, can help prevent thefts because the thieves will know they’re being watched and that the police will be alerted quickly to any suspicious behavior. If something does happen, there’s a higher chance of a person contacting the police in time or having noticed something that could be helpful in an investigation.

Use Security Systems to Protect and Watch the Home

Security systems are also going to be a good idea. In areas like Tinley Park, the security system doesn’t need to be the most sophisticated one available. However, it should have a way to alert a dispatch center or the homeowner if there’s movement inside the home so the police can be contacted quickly. The homeowner may also want to invest in security cameras for inside or outside their home so they can keep an eye on it at all times. There are quite a few companies that provide monitored security systems in the city or the homeowner can opt for a security system they build and monitor on their own.

Other Small Steps to Help Protect the Home

There is almost always more a person can do to protect their home and their belongings. Along with securing valuables and installing a security system, the homeowner can use the tips below. Make sure the home is well-lit. When the homeowner has a light over the porch, it makes it easier to see suspicious persons trying to enter the home at night. The lights can be always-on lights or motion-detection lights, depending on the homeowner’s preference. Make sure the bottom of the windows can be seen. When the bottom of the windows is covered by attractive plants or shrubs, it offers the thief the perfect hiding place to work on opening the window. However, when the shrubs or other plants do not provide this hiding space, it’s far easier for the potential thief to be noticed while they’re trying to break into the home. Make sure the home is well cared-for. Homes that are in disrepair are often more likely to be targeted by criminals. This is especially true if there’s a broken window, door or lock that makes it easier for the thief to enter the home or if there’s plenty of hiding areas for the thief while they’re trying to break into the home. For those who live in Tinley Park, property crimes might not be something they think about too often. Yet, these crimes do occur and it’s important for a person to be aware of them. When the person knows what could happen and how to prevent it, they can further reduce their chances of being the next victim of a property crime.