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Home Security in Battle Creek, Michigan
Located in Calhoun County, Battle Creek has more than 51,000 residents living in the area. It is one of the highest crime towns in all of Michigan, warranting more home security than ever. Those who reside in the area should learn the statistics and do their part to keep crime at bay with the help of an alarm system. Rate of Crime Battle Creek is ranked a five on the crime index. This means the city is only five percent safer than all other cities within the United States. More than 2,700 crimes are reported annually, with 2,300 of those related to property. Theft and burglary are the two highest amounts, with motor vehicle left still on the list. One in fifty-three people experience a property crime in Michigan. One in twenty-two experience it in Battle Creek. This is even worse than the national median amount, which is around one in twenty-four. Areas to Avoid There are certain areas within the city that are best to avoid. These are the highest traffic areas for crime. It includes the central part of the city primary, along with areas to the south. The city center, Brownlee Park, Capital Avenue, Chestnut Street, Raymond Road, and Michigan Avenue East should all be avoided as much as possible. Those who do live in these areas are more likely to require an advanced home security system. Safest Streets While the central and southern areas are the most dangerous, there are parts of town that are much safer to consider. The northern part of the city is considered the safest, with many less crimes reported in this area. All streets from Greenfield Park to Maplehurst and Bauman Drive to Level Park are in the safe region. The southwest corner of Battle Creek is included as well. Helmer Road South and Watkins Road are two of the streets typically unscathed. Correctional Facilities in Calhoun County The Calhoun County Correctional Facility is located in Battle Creek. It can hold up to 630 people, although the usual capacity is around 300 inmates from the area, and the remaining beds are rented to other counties with an overflow of inmates. The Calhoun County Jail is also in Battle Creek, located at 185 E Michigan Avenue. With so many convicts located nearby, it is wise for homeowners to keep their homes secured in any way possible, including having a system installed that will monitor the premises. Escapes have been made at other facilities in the past, so it is not impossible. Police Presence There is one main police department in Battle Creek. The Battle Creek Police Department is located at 20 N. Division Street. It can be reached at 269-966-3322 in the case of non-emergencies. A separate number 269-964-3888, can be called if a resident wants to submit an anonymous tip regarding a crime in the area. The Battle Creek Area Chamber Foundation founded the Silent Observer solution in the city.  Residents in the area that wish to view a crime map of their city can do so through the police department’s website. Accidents, incidents, and ordinances can be searched for on this directory. It is even possible to search by street, making it easier for people to see whether or not their specific street has seen any crimes recently. It allows residents to determine how likely they are to need a security system installed.  Major Crimes Task Force The Battle Creek Police Department has a major crimes task force that is enacted whenever a major incident occurs. It was utilized in early January 2017 to search for a missing man after his car was found in Lee Township, over an hour and a half away. His mother says the 28 year old was threatened by a friend of his ex-wife’s, and he has been missing since. The unit has been called in on other crimes in the past, warranting a rethink of home security for everyone in the area.  Home Security Choices There are several home security choices in the area. ASI Security is one option. This security system supplier offers various options for homeowners looking to keep their homes safe. The business is typically open from 9 a.m to 5 p.m, Monday through Friday. Customers can also call to discuss options by dialing 26-965-1037. ADT, a popular option throughout the U.S., is also available in Battle Creek. Customers can schedule a consultation to see what professional believes is the best security plan. Some homes may only require an outside security system, while others may require both an outdoor and indoor option. Houses with more doors and windows are the ones that typically require more coverage.  Vivint Home Security is another possibility. The company offers numerous package deals to make it easier to obtain security. The starter package includes 24/7 monitoring, five points of security, remote access control. The highest package is the Smart Control option. It includes everything in the starter package, as well as four additional security points covered. It also includes a smart home service of the customer’s choosing. There are also various equipment options, such as a door and window sensor, motion detector, lamp module, glass break detector, and key fob entry.  Battle Creek having a low crime index, major crimes task force deployed, and large number of areas to avoid, are just a few of the reasons why all residents within the city should utilize an alarm system. Home security is of the utmost importance no matter which streets a person lives on.